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Post date: 24-October-2022

We are hoping to set up some workshops before the end of the year in Exeter – most likely at The Phoenix – and would love to know what you would like to learn…


Current possibilities are:

  1. Bridge-the-gap from TECHNIQUE to IMPROVER level: you’ve danced the rotation at TECHNIQUE level and would like some help to move up.
  2. Leading and following: tips and techniques designed to help leading and following out on the dance floor – and in class.
  3. Timing & musicality: tips to help you start, and stay dancing, on time.
  4. Shines & footwork: more footwork and more footwork combinations.
  5. Cha Cha: introduction to another staple of discerning salsa dance floors and a firm Abanico favourite!

Best times?

Time is a little tight but The Phoenix has some Sunday mornings and a couple of Saturday afternoons free so let us know what times would suit you best… fill in the form, hit SEND and we’ll get on it!

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