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Abanico Salsa

The Abanico Salsa team is a group of dedicated Salseros who are eager to share the energy and enthusiasm they feel for Salsa with as many students as possible.

We chose the name “Abanico” as it reflects the high levels of energy and fun that we bring to all of our classes and the individuality of our teachers…

Our classes

At Abanico Salsa we teach the full range of classes in Salsa and the associated dances – at all levels.

Our team are happy to provide classes & workshops for all types of events, large or small.

Contact us if you would like to know more.


Wherever you are in the South west you will only be a stone’s throw away from an Abanico Salsa class!

Check out our Classes page to find out where we are and take advantage… if for any reason you can’t make you regular class – or are out and about – and want your Salsa fix you can pop into any other Abanico class. Beginners’ cards and course/class cards are valid at all Abanico Salsa classes.

You can be sure of our good technique and warm welcome whichever class you attend – if you need any help don’t hesitate to get in touch…

The team

headshot for angus peters

Angus Peters | Teacher | DJ

Angus started dancing in 1998 because of his love for the music and his passion for Salsa. His professional teaching and DJing career started in 2000 and he is now recognised as one of the UK's finest teachers of the Cross-Body Style of Salsa dancing.

Angus is also one of the few teachers in the South West working Internationally – his growing popularity means he is now much in demand as a showcase artist on dance holidays across Europe and America.

He is one of those rare people who combines being a superb dancer with being an excellent teacher and whilst he has an enviable natural dancing ability, he is still able to break down, demonstrate and explain exactly what he is doing, and why.

His infectious enthusiasm and focus on helping others to express their own style and personality to music ensures his classes are much in demand by dancers of every level. Angus focuses on teaching moves which are leadable and followable and ensures his students develop effective techniques which help them to progress from beginners to accomplished dancers. Angus is now also regularly working for schools and shares his love of dance with children of all ages who love his fun personality, which comes out in every class.

Angus founded Abanico Salsa in 2007, with the intention of taking his unique dance experiences to a wider audience and together with the Abanico Team, is responsible for some of the most popular classes in the South West.

Angus is a qualified UKA Club Salsa Dance Instructor, holds an Enhanced Disclosure CRB certificate, and has Public Liability insurance.

headshot for eddie hunt

Eddie Hunt | Teacher | DJ

Eddie hasn’t looked back since he was introduced to Salsa in 2003 by a friend and he has travelled far and wide and taken many lessons from some of the best teachers in the UK and abroad as a result.

Eddie first attended Abanico Salsa lessons in 2009, (but wished he had earlier as his dancing developed rapidly as a result of their teaching techniques) and has been a regular ever since. Now ‘hooked’ on Salsa Eddie continues to challenge himself to master ever more varied & difficult moves which he learns from continuing to attend Salsa classes across the UK and drawing inspiration from some of the best salsa dancers in the world. When dancing Salsa, he prides himself on ensuring his ‘lead’ is clear and precise thus ensuring each dance is enjoyed by the follower.

Eddie has a drive and determination to develop his Salsa dancing skills and knowledge and is always open to trying out new and exciting moves whilst doing so.

headshot for angelique peters

Angelique Peters | Teacher

Angélique first started dancing Salsa in 2004 whilst at University in France. Having a background in dance - she studied Modern Jazz whilst at school - she was a fast learner and even progressed to a level where she was teaching before moving to the UK.

Shortly after moving to the UK in 2007 Angélique started attending Abanico Salsa classes in Torquay where she discovered a passion for all things New York style… both the dance and the music!

Since then she has worked even harder at her dancing – as those who have seen her dance (and spin!!) will know – and now assists Angus every month at our Viva Mambo sessions, as well as his guest teaching appearances across the UK.

headshot for nicky holder

Nicky Holder | Teaching assistant

Nicky has always been interested in all forms of dancing, dabbling in tap and disco to name but two - even joining a local disco dance troupe in her early teens - but it wasn't until fairly recently that she caught the Salsa bug.

Nicky started going to Salsa DX classes in September 2007 which introduced her to salsa music and footwork, and it was through these classes in May 2008 that she got the opportunity to try a salsa course – it was Carl (see above) who asked if she fancied “giving it a go?” – and she’s not looked back since!

Wanting to learn more, she joined the Abanico Salsa classes in Exmouth straight away and found Angus & Sonja’s passion and enthusiasm for everything salsa very addictive. Suffice it to say, the salsa bug has well and truly bitten. There’s a great social side to salsa dancing and “I’ve met and made friends with some lovely people at various classes and events”. Now Nicky is hooked she is always on the dance floor trying to improve her dancing technique whenever possible!

As well as this Nicky forms one half of our invaluable admin team on Tuesday nights in Exmouth – anyone who has come down to class in Exmouth will know how great she and Carl are at sorting everyone out at the beginning of the evening, and how much help they are during class and throughout the evening.

headshot for cathy boyd

Cathy Boyd | Teaching assistant

Cathy first began dancing aged 7, and up to the age of 10 she learnt and took (IDTA) exams in many Latin and Ballroom dances (Foxtrot, Tango, Cha Cha, Waltz, Jive Rumba, Quickstep and Disco!).

It was in September 2006, when a friend and her decided to go travelling around Cuba, that someone suggested that she try Salsa classes in preparation for her visit – her feet have barely touched the ground since..! Cathy was immediately hooked and since then has been on numerous Salsa weekends and holidays, and as many parties as she can fit in – Salsa has now become a major part of her life (as all of her long lost non-Salsa friends will tell you!).

Cathy started taking lessons with Angus at Abanico Salsa in the summer of 2007 and was captivated by his entertaining approach to Salsa – and his choice of music.

headshot for anna brooks

Anna Brooks | Teaching assistant

Our team of copywriters are currently researching Anna's murky past and will be bringing you a full biog very soon!

Don’t worry… we’ll find out everything!

headshot for jo luce

Jo Luce | Teaching assistant

Around 2012 Jo got hold of an Abanico Salsa flyer advertising classes and figured it would make a change from going to the gym!

It took her 6 weeks to pluck up the courage to go along and see what the classes were like… it can feel a bit daunting walking in by yourself!
“I shouldn’t have worried, I love music, soul, jazz, classical – now this wonderful world of Salsa! Such energy and fun – I didn’t have a clue what the count meant, is that on the 1 or 5 ahhh… I was hooked – everyone was so friendly.”
She signed up the next beginners course and has loved every minute since – trying to improve – attending classes and events. She feels lucky to have found the best teachers and quality, structured classes – “work on the basics and you are away…”

We’ll leave the last word to Jo again: “Dancing brought back a joy to my life and soul that I had lost . I dance and my spirits are lifted and can’t help but smile , happy it’s pure joy, love it…  nothing else exists whilst I am dancing.”

P.S. She considers her growing dance shoe collection an added bonus!

headshot for rachel lamb

Rachel Lamb | Teaching assistant

Rachel went along to her first salsa class at the beginning of 2007 to partner a friend who was nervous about going alone. As she was looking for a new hobby to take up and a way of meeting new friends, it was a perfect opportunity!

She immediately became hooked on the enthusiasm and passion that was shown in the classes at The Grosvenor.

She became a regular at the Abanico Salsa classes and always dressed for the occasion! She looked forward to the monthly Saturday workshops and parties that she never missed. After progressing through the classes she started going along to Salsa DX classes in 2009 and again, loved the atmosphere. After attending many workshops further North of the country and in Spain, she was delighted to be asked to join the Abanico Salsa team as a teaching assistant earlier this year where she has been training hard to be able to assist Angus in teaching in Torquay.

"The Abanico is a distinctive roll played by the Timbale player to signal the beginning of a new section of music... often with a higher dynamic level"

"...the abanico is played with a personal approach by each player..."

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