Information, guidelines and rules relating to our classes & events

Class guidelines & rules

As you know we have extra precautions to take now that we are re-starting classes.  Please take the time to read this information – failure to follow the new rules & guidelines will result in refusal of entry with no refund.  This is to ensure the safety of all attendees, staff & teachers.

Thank you for your understanding.

  1. If you wish to attend a class you MUST pre-book/pay.  This is in order that we can adhere to venue capacity limits, and so that we can reduce sign in time and contact with door staff.  You can book online here.
  2. Drop-in attendees will NOT be admitted to class.
  3. Once you have booked/paid you will be emailed a ticket for class.  Please bring ths ticket with you – either in digital form on your phone or printed out – NO TICKET NO ENTRY.
  4. On arrival at class your ticket will be scanned and your temperature will be taken with an infra-red thermometer.
  5. If you have paid in advance and are not able to attend, no refund will be available due to the limited numbers of attendees allowed at the venue.
  6. Classes will have strict arrival and departure times (see individual venues below) – please adhere to these.
  7. Each venue will have specific entry and exit points – please do not use any doors other than those outlined for entry or exit.
  8. Venues will have guides and/or layouts for student positions on the dance floor during class – please remain in your allocated position for the duration of the class.
  9. It is not mandatory to wear a mask during class but please wear one when arriving at and leaving the venue.
  10. Please bring your own water/drink to class as we will be unable to provide any.

If you have or are showing any of the symptoms of Convid-19 please do not attend class, as entry will be refused.

Venue specific guidelines

In addition to the guidelines above please read the following relating to our classes at Kenn Village Hall in Clevedon.

  1. Entrance to classes will only be allowed 10 minutes before start time of class – if you arrive earlier than that please do NOT come into the venue.
  2. After class you will have 10 minutes to leave the venue – please help us by not delaying your exit.
  3. Entry to Kenn Village Hall will be around the back of the venue.
  4. There will be plenty of hand sanitizers which must be used upon arrival.
  5. We have a separate exit which are the double doors in the main hall.
  6. The normal entry to the hall is off limits.
  7. The venue will be cleaned between/before each class. At the end of class please ensure you leave as soon as possible to allow the venue to be cleaned.
  8. In addition we ask that there are no gatherings outside the venue.

Online Classes

Still isolating?  Prefer to dance at home?  This is for you!


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