Our Latin Thing

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Earlier this month there was a great article in The Guardian – part of their “20 Iconic Festival sets” series – about the 1971 Fania All-Stars gig at The Cheetah night club in New York.

Filmed over 3 days

It reminded me of the fantastic Fania film “Our Latin thing” / “Nuestra Cosa” – filmed over three days to document the gig, the time, the music and the musicians. The opening credits are great… and they lead into 15+ minutes of “Quitate Tu” where all of the singers and musicians get a chance to let rip – you’ll be up dancing in front of your computer!


You also get perhaps the best version of the Cheo Feliciano hit “Anacaona” – which unfortunately leads into a scene shot at a cock fight (a sign of the time and place the film was shot and a scene I usually fast forward through). Other than that scene the film is gold dust from start to finish and highly recommended viewing.

Read the article about the gig/film here.

Watch “Our Latin Thing”

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