Abanico Salsa HOT 10 for October 2021

Lots of new tracks... and a couple of old school big ones

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More great new tracks for you this month – with a couple of old favourites hidden in the mix!

Son De Ebano Orquesta have been putting out some great stuff over the last few years and the opener here is more of the good stuff from them.  Next up is another great cover of “Margie” – check out the versions by Ray Barretto and Ralphy Santi for more…

Whenever Marc Anthony puts out a new Salsa track it is worth having a listen as you know that the odds are he will have tapped into something that dancers love!  This time he has been inspired by Africando – have a listen and if you are thinking “I recognise this track” skip ahead to number 11 in this playlist.  “Yay Boy” was a monster hit on Salsa dance floors back in the 90s when it was released and no doubt DJs will be getting a lot of requests to play this new ‘version’…

A couple more highlights here are the instrumental version of “Otro Nivel” – added in anticipation of Oqruesta Akokan’s new album which is out later this month – and a great version of a big song… “Muneca” – this one by Alfredo De La Fé and huge on any dance floor!

Until Spotify cam along track no. 10 was something of a rarity – thankfully it is now easier to enjoy the fantastic steady build of “Panitello Fino” with some great solos and solid trombones… this one is a firm favourite in Abanico HQ!

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