Abanico Salsa HOT 10 for September 2021

Lots of great new releases

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So much great new music being put out at the moment!  Great to see a new release from the legendary Oscar D’Leon – almost anything he releases is guaranteed to get people up and dancing.

Anything new by La Maxima 79 is always worth a listen – “Phyra” has a psychedelic cumbia feel to it and will no doubt go down very well.

A pleasant surprise from Tromboranga who continue to put out quality music – their latest has a very strong African flavour… still got some trombones though!

A couple of old school favourites here as well – including one of my favourite videos… check out Andy Montanez and Mike Ramos (of Palladium Mambo Legends fame) dancing.  Love it – whenever I dance this is the sort of fun I imagine every Salsa band having while performing!  And Andy Montanez’s voice is incredible here – a firm favourite at Abanico HQ.

We wrap up with a brand new cover of a massive Cuban classic “Bacalao Con Pan”… turn it up loud!

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