Alfredo Vargas Y Su Orquesta

Dance floor dynamite from 1972

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OK – there’s a fair bit of filler and Bolero on this LP but the Salsa that is there is worth the ticket price… there are a couple of monsters on here!

NYC Salsa

Those of you that have the Fania compilation “NYC Salsa 2” in your collection will have already heard one of the great dance floor tracks on this LP.  “Arenque” got a fair bit of DJ play back in 2012 as it was featured on DJ Lubi’s excellent follow up to “NYC Salsa” on the legendary Fania records.

NYC Salsa 4..?

For my money the stand out track is “El Carretero Va” – a big dance floor favourite at our “Saturday Shingaling” parties.  This track was due to be released on the “NYC Salsa 4” compilation (along with another stand out selection from DJ Lubi) but sadly it was another time when the Fania record label was going through a bit of upheaval and the project was shelved!

Available now

For a long time this was a pretty hard to find album as it was only available on its original 1972 vinyl pressing or a very limited CD release from 1998.  I was lucky to find the LP hanging on a wall of a record shop on a trip to New York – thankfully for much less than the going rate on eBay at the time!  It has been a staple in my collection since then.  It is now available on Spotify so you can get stuck in.

Should I buy it?

If you’re a crazy record collector with oodles of cash – yes!  If you just want to dance to some great old school Salsa just fire up Spotify and enjoy!

P.S. also check out the track “Avisame Pa’ Esconderme” – a nice solid dancer.

P.P.S. while you’re here check out the NYC Salsa series as well – I’ve linked the pics to the compilations on Spotify.

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