Algo Diferente – Danny Gonzalez Y Su Orquesta

Solid dance-floor friendly mid-80s release

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Danny Gonzalez Algo Diferente front cover

I can’t remember where I was but as soon as I heard the version of “Tremenda Bronca” I knew I had to have it!

Not available

Only problem?  At the time there was no Shazam, no YouTube and none of my usual music dealers and suppliers had it available!  A bit of digging revealed that it wasn’t even available on CD (the preferred medium of choice for Salsa DJs at the time if you can believe it!).  Luckily I was already a (slightly) addicted music head with a (dubiously) healthy collection of vinyl so buying Salsa records was already one of my habits and I was used to shelling out for a full LP when I really only wanted one track.

No one-song wonder

Little did I know that this LP contained a handful of dance floor killers!  One of the most satisfying moments for a music head is finally getting your hands on the LP you have been looking for and finding out that the track you were desperate for is not the only cracker on there… this was definitely one of those moments.

Tremendo Bronca

In actual fact Danny Gonzalez (Y Su Orquesta Sensacional) also recorded this song on an early LP from 1971 and I am hard pressed to say which version I like better… both are, in my books, dance floor dynamite!  I strongly suggest you check out that LP as well if you like your Sasla old school.

Back to “Algo Diferente” which also features a cover of the classic “Se Acabo El Bembe” and really does it credit.  This is a fantastic slow-to-mid-tempo dance floor banger that really swings and is great fun to dance to.

Speaking of swinging – the version of “Papa Montero” featured here is also really fun and should be played more often!

Should I buy it?

The answer to that is a definite yes… with one proviso.  It may be best until you are feeling a bit more flush after lock-down as both of the Danny Gonzalez LPs are a little hard to find these days and as a result a little on the pricey side!  I suggest sticking to Spotify until then as his first LP is on there.

Danny Gonzalez Algo Diferente back cover
Danny Gonzalez Algo Diferente side A
Danny Gonzalez Algo Diferente side B
Danny Gonzalez Algo Diferente back cover
Danny Gonzalez Algo Diferente side A
Danny Gonzalez Algo Diferente side B

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