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Remember "Hermano"? - he's back!

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Dance floor favourite

Over the last 10 years El Timba has been putting out tracks that have struck a chord with Salsa dancers around the world.  I doubt any of you reading this haven’t danced to his smash “Hermano” (Album: “Descargando” 2010) – there was a period of about 2 years when I couldn’t DJ without being asked to play this track – everybody went nuts for it and I am still occasionally asked to play it these days…you’re doing something right if you can get that many people to know your song by name in the UK Salsa scene!

2014’s “Esta Pegao” was also a huge hit on the dance floor – for a long time one of the tracks that I kept on the back burner for if the dance floor was looking a bit quiet… dropping this got everybody back on the floor nice & quick!

Un Bla Bla

Less played out & about but well worth a listen is 2017’s “Un Bla Bla” – a solid dance floor banger in my opinion and always gets people up and moving!


2020 sees El Timba’s latest release – sadly dropped during the Covid-19 pandemic so dancers are not getting the chance to try it out on the dance floor.  When the piano montuno fires up 51 seconds  into in the opening track “Tu Eres Mi Amigo” you can definitely hear memories of “Hermano” – I predict this will be the first big dance floor filler from this album as soon as we get back out there!

No Puede” has some interesting violin in that may well strike a chord.  “Guaguanco Psicodelico” will tick the boxes of those of you who like a little flavour of Cumbia guitar.  “Mambophone” is a dirty organ grinder which after 2 and a bit minutes drops into a nice little piano solo – this one might take off too!

Should I buy it?

If you like your Salsa with a distinctly modern production sound this may well be for you!  There are enough tracks here to keep the dancers happy for sure.

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