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At the time of writing we have no doubt that we are quite a way off being able to get back out dancing again.

That said, at some point the government are going to tell us that we can get going again.

This will cover the legality of starting again but we will only start once we believe we have a plan in place to best ensure the safety of our students, dancers, assistants and teachers.

Let’s start thinking now

With that in mind we want to start preparing so that we have had a good amount of time to think about our strategy. It may not be until 2021 that we feel ready to go again but whenever it is that we do we plan to make safety the highest priority.

We need you!

We have already put the word out via our newsletter and have had some great responses – thank you everyone who has taken the time to get back to us. We want to tap into the collective that is the Salsa dancing community for your best ideas and worst fears. Let us know what you will want in order to feel safe to get out dancing again – and let us know if you, your friends, your colleagues or workplaces have any good ideas re. life post Covid.

Comment below or contact us direct if you have something to say or share. As far as we are concerned all opinions are valid as everyone will have their own concerns.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe.

3 Responses

  1. Dependant on Govn guidelines, I would feel more comfortable limiting capacity within venues, and having all-ticket events rather than unlimited turn-up of people. I am sure people would expect to pay a higher ticket price to accommodate these changes.

    1. Hi Doddy!
      Hope you guys are still safe & well.
      Good points – thanks for chipping in – I will add your thoughts to our list for discussion.
      Stay safe – I hope it’s not too long before we see you both again!

  2. Hi Angus, we are well thankyou and missing you guys, hope all is well in the Peters household !

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