Why dancing is good for you

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If you’re already a Salsa dancer you probably already know that it makes you feel good!

Science agrees!

Once you scratch the surface it turns out there have been a ton of studies extolling the virtues of dance – for more reasons than you imagine.

Check out this article on the BUPA website to find out why it “strengthens your emotions, cognitive skills, physical abilities and social connections”.

Get smarter

I can’t wait to get back to dancing for many reasons – I’m adding the fact that my memory seems to have gone to pot lately to the list! Read this to see how you can offer some protection against dementia.

Stay able

You kind of know this one but it’s good to hear it – use it or lose it folks – here is another great article to explain why dancing is so good for mind and body!

Keep dancing folks… even if it is only around the kitchen!

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