What does Salsa music sound like?

Abanico Salsa HOT 10 this month will tell you

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Dig in to our latest “HOT 10” below folks – there’s a great mix for you this month.

Where does Salsa music come from?

Well this month we have tracks from New York, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Sweden, and England!  Salsa music may well have originated in Cuba under the influence of, among other things, African Rhythms, and exploded onto the international scene through the melting pot of New York in the 50s and 60s but this month we can clearly see that in 2020 Salsa music comes from all over the world!

Salsa music for practice

Is this stuff any good to practise to?  Yes!

Check out “Descarga Sonora” for a great slow burner to try out some of those shines you have learning in lock-down. “Que Bonito Es Puerto Rico” got some serious airtime in class before we went on hold and is back in rotation. “La Cachara” is for when you are warmed up and “Vale Mas Un Guaguanco” for when you are really ready to go!  Hang on Angus I want some Cuban… well check out “La Cenicienta” from Swedish band (Yes… Swedish!) Calle Real – it’s a killer!

I have the playlist rocking the office as I write and hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

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